Le Bella Couture Advertisement Rates
To advertise on Le Bella Couture Blog & Website and its associated publications such as Twitter and Facebook please refer to the following price list and size options for ads. Prices are subject to change
for different seasons.

Every Ad will be rotating in same slot on side menu area and visible to everyone on every page of
the site, we will also add your logo with link to our Facebook Fan Page Sponsors Photo Album.


I particioate on blof reviews and giveaway I believe that is the best way to promote your business and drive traffic to your site. With a review, we ask that entrants visit your site, fan you on Facebook, Favorite your store on Etsy, Follow you on Twitter as well as Tweet the giveaway and additional tasks will require them to view more of your site.

The duration of the giveaway  is 2 weeks and can be with eligibility limitations if you prefer for US residents Only or International.
Following the close of the giveaway, We ask that you ship the prize directly to the winner(s).

We are happy to design a giveaway for you…just ask! There is no cost to you using this method of public relations other than providing us with a product to review along with one for the giveaway. (Product being reviewed are non-returnable)

Giveaway                                     FREE
Avatar                                           $5.00
Banner                                          $10.00
Link To Your Shop                       $2.00
Twitter Shout Out 1/weekly         $3.00
Twitter Shout Out 2/weekly         $6.00
Twitter Shout Out 3/weekly         $9.00
Twitter Shout Out 4/weekly         $12.00
Twitter Shout Out 5/weekly         $15.00

Below is the subscription payments that will be renewed  every month.
These Payments are automatically renewed and your ad will stay as long as you want to stay in the subscription plan.

Ad Options

For questions and to submit your graphic once you have subscribed contact us at: